Responding to concerns from Gem State residents, several Idaho Lawmakers have begun to investigate the allegations of a large Syrian Invasion of Idaho.   Several folks have called 580 KIDO, Idaho Lawmakers, Congressional Lawmakers, colleges, and the governors trying to find out if a large contingent of Syrian Refugees would be permanently resettled in Idaho.  The allegation on air and online, claims that Idaho will be recolonized with third world residents who will not have to pass a security background check.

The Magic Valley Times reports that four lawmakers have sent written opinions to the refugee center at the College of Southern Idaho.  The article states that the lawmakers were responding to concerns from several Idaho voters.

The lawmakers are all from the Magic Valley.  No word on if any lawmakers from the Treasure Valley have begun to investigate the Syrian connection to Idaho.  Rep. Maxine Bell of Jerome told the paper she defends the program.  "We should be a haven for people to express their religion and freedom."

She continued to dismiss any concern about the possibility of Sharia Law being used in Idaho.  "I assume it’s part of a concern about the people in the areas where Sharia law is and where things are different,” Bell told the Times.   “I hope that CSI can put that to rest with people who are really, really concerned."

We will continue to update you on the ongoing investigation.  I would invite you to ask your congressional and state lawmakers about the Syrians in person or on the radio.  Let's hold them accountable and report on the ones who pass on protecting our Gem State.