Enterovirus continues to spread across the country and in the Gem State. The Idaho Health and Welfare Department is waiting for two dozen test results after a boy in Eastern Idaho tested positive for the rare D68 strain.

Enterovirus has 100 different strains and impacts millions ever year. However, EV-D68 is the one surfacing and causing concerns.
Across the country more than 275 people in 40 states have tested positive for EV-D68. Four children are being watched closely this weekend after testing positive for the virus in nearby Colorado.

Doctors say the paralysis could be an extreme complication of a virus that develops like a very bad cold. Extreme trouble breathing, severe coughing, wheezing, fever and a rash are all symptoms doctors say parents need to watch out for.

The Idaho Health and Welfare Department says make sure to wash your hands, clean surfaces, cover coughs and sneezes and stay home when sick. This is especially important for children with asthma.