Troubled by the recent killings of four Marines and one Sailor in Chattanooga, Tennessee, armed Idaho Citizens have begun to volunteer to stand guard outside area recruiting centers.  Idaho is not the only state where armed citizens have pledged to protect military facilities.  The NRA has called for service members to be armed at all recruiting centers, reports CNN.

The governors of Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Indiana, and Wisconsin have increased security at all recruiting centers.  Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Indiana have authorized military personnel to arm themselves.  Idaho has not joined these states.  According to a local television station, the governor has asked Major General Gary Sayler to review the security situations.

"You're seeing this movement across the country of private citizens take up arms to protect our soldiers, it's supposed to be the other way around," said Greg Pruett, President of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.  "They're bad guys out there who want to kill our soldiers.  I've told our people that you're the first and only line of defense."

Pruett says that the governor and president have failed to protect Idahoans.  "I'm getting calls from soldier's wives who are begging us and asking us is there anyone you have who can go to this location.  My husband will be there tomorrow, and I'm scared.  It's so frustrating because they don't deserve to be treated like this."

He continues stating that since the government will not protect its citizens then it's up to the people.  (You can listen to Greg's interview beginning at 21:00 here.)  I believe the governor should allow Guard soldiers to carry their weapons at all times.  The president should allow the active/reserves to do the same.  Let's end the troubling hypocrisy of weaponless warriors at home.