The Air Force has fired a general for threatening any officers who talked to congress about the A10 program.  Maj. Gen. James Post told over 300 personnel that they would be committing treason if they expressed their opinions to lawmakers according to USA Today.

Firing Post was the right move by the Air Force.  The big question is how many other 'rogue' commanders are doing the same thing?  Another question within the ranks: why the Air Force continues to push the boondoggle F35A at the expense of the reliable A10?  Congress should open an investigation immediately to protect members of the armed services.  (Inside the F35A debacle here.)

The military is our first and last line of defense.  It is our duty to protect them as they protect us.  Big money contracts should not come at the expense of troop safety.  When the troops speak, we have an obligation to listen to them.  That rule applies to the enlisted private to the highest general officer.