Could we see a repeat of the GOP Verses the Media?  You should join us this Tuesday Night @ Mickey Ray's on Milwaukee Avenue in Boise. Here's why:  Last time it almost got physical.  No, not our debate watch party at Mickey Ray's.  The third GOP Debate that was hosted by CNBC.  This time it's the Fox Business Network that will host the fourth GOP Debate.  Will the outcome be different?  Here are 10 reasons why you should join us at Mickey Ray's this Tuesday Night from 7pm-10pm.

1.  Kevin Miller will be there!  Okay just kidding, but we are the only Treasure Valley Media outlet that wants to hear what you have to say.  Watch the debate and then talk about it as we broadcast live on 580 KIDO right after the debate ends.

2. Dr. Ben Carson's response to the media hit job.  Will anyone, including Trump or Bush, attempt to take advantage of Dr. Carson's fight with the liberal media.

3. Senator Marco Rubio will mimic Dave Ramsey by cutting up his credit cards.  No, not really, but how will the Florida Senator handle questions about his credit rating?

4.  Less is more!  Governor Christie and Former Governor Huckabee have been demoted to the earlier JV Debate.  Does this mean Senator Paul will have more time?

5.  Will we see the return of the Donald Trump Show?  He just hosted Saturday Night Live.  Does that mean every question will once again revolve around the Donald?

6. The debate will be broadcast on 580 KIDO.  You don't have to be a cable subscriber to hear the debate.  We are the only Treasure Valley Media outlet that is carrying the debate.  We'd still like to see you at Mickey's.

7.  Is Jeb Bush still running?  Allegedly he is, and we'll see how many questions he gets concerning his dad's new autobiography.

8.  Can we trust the Fox Business Anchors led by Neal Cavuto to ask legitimate questions on the issues that we care about?  How about the VA Scandal, Jobs, etc..

9.  Will there be another Senator Ted Cruz moment?

10.  The food at Mickey's and the fun of watching the debate with people who share your values.  See you Tuesday Night @ 7pm at Mickey Ray's Barbeque at 980 N Milwaukee!