Kevin Miller speaks with Timberline Athletic Trainer Tony Fitzpatrick.  They discuss how to keep kids healthy in sports and in school.  Kevin Miller takes calls on Ebola.


Kevin Miller interviews Timberline Science Teacher Dick Jordan about the sustainability  program.  Several students join the conversation about how working with industry has changed their lives for the better.

Kevin Miller invites everyone to see his thank you message to you.


Kevin Miller is joined by the Timberline Theater Department.  The students sing the Timberline Anthem.  They tell Kevin how the arts has made them better students and improved their lives.

Kevin Miller takes calls on the Colorado Marijuana Laws.


Kevin Miller interviews Timberline High School students from the 'Wolf Connection.'  They detail the background of being in the group.  The students explain a few of their missions which involve mentoring fourth graders, helping new students at Timberline, and producing a senior citizen prom.


Kevin Miller interviews a group of students that explain the benefit of 'zero hour' classes.  Kevin Miller and the students look at student life, classes and advice to parents on how to motivate their kids.


Kevin Miller interviews Timberline High School Principal Rich Webb.  Kevin Miller and Mr. Webb discuss textbooks, education costs, and student life at Timberline.


Kevin Miller is live at Timberline High School in Boise.  Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the announcement of the first case of Ebola in America.  Kevin Miller gives his review of the Secret Secret testimony before the House Committee on Over site and Government Affairs.