Kevin Miller speaks with John Eads from the Memphis Bell who is in town for Memorial Day Weekend.  Kevin Miller takes calls on the meaning of Memorial Day.


Kevin Miller is joined in studio by Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney.  Sheriff Raney discusses the mental health situation in Ada County.  They discuss the requirements to become a corrections officer.  Sheriff Raney discusses the requirements for enhanced conceal carry permit holders in Idaho.


Kevin Miller examines the continuing allegations involving the poor treatment of veterans by the VA.  He also reminds listeners the importance of Memorial Day.  Several listeners speak their mind.


Kevin Miller discusses the future of marriage in Idaho.  He takes calls on the issue.  Kevin Miller looks at what Mark Cuban said and wonders what's next for speech in America.  Callers phone in to tell Kevin what they think and share their experiences.


Kevin Miller looks at the Mark Cuban controversy, the persecution of Christians, and the VA Scandal.  He takes calls on those topics.


Kevin Miller interviews Naghmeh Abedini who discusses her husband Pastor Saeed.  He is still in Iran and was beaten recently.  Naghmeh details what you can do to help her family.  She goes in depth about Christian persecution around the world.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the Mark Cuban controversy.  They discuss what you can and can't say in America.  Kevin discusses what Memorial Day means to him and to always remember those we lost.