Kevin Miller discusses the border issue and its impact on Idaho.  Kevin takes calls and details the latest from Iraq.


Kevin Miller interviews best selling author Homer Hickam about America's return to space.  Mr. Hickam details the need for young people to become engineers.  He speaks fondly of America's quest to conquer space.


Kevin Miller goes live to Washington interviewing Rachel Sutherland of Fox News Radio.  Rachel goes over the battle for leadership that occurred yesterday in the House of Representatives.  She explores the futures congressional leaders and the impact of yesterday's election.


Kevin Miller is joined in studio by political consultant Mike Tracy.  Kevin and Mike go over the recent state convention debacle.  Kevin Miller asks Mike why this matters to the folks in Idaho.  Mike Tracy explains what needs to happen to bring the party together.

They go over Congressman Labrador's attempt to win the majority leader's seat.  Mike Tracy looks at the future of Senator Fulcher.


Kevin Miller speaks with Fox News Radio's Emily Wither.  Emily goes over the reaction to the deployment of 300 US Troops to Iraq.  She looks at the chances that Iraq will be broken up into three separate countries.


Kevin Miller speaks with Dan Kish of the Institute for Energy Research.  Kevin goes over the high cost of gas.  Dan let's folks know what they can do to pressure Washington to pass energy friendly legislation.

Kevin Miller speaks with state GOP Chairman Barry Peterson concerning whether or not he is still the state chairman.  Barry says that he still is the state chairman.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the recent congressional testimony involving Bowe Bergdahl.  Dave details an evacuation of a local neighborhood.  Kevin wonders about the details of the naming rights of Bronco Stadium deal.