Kevin Miller takes calls on the border situation and the plane crash.


Kevin Miller interviews attorney Chris Troupis who just filed a lawsuit against members of the state GOP.  Mr. Troupis goes over the merits of the case.  He urges Governor Otter to reach out to the conservatives to bring the party together.


Kevin Miller introduces the topic of sick people being flown from the border to towns across America without proper medical treatment.  Several folks call in to voice their thoughts on the matter.


Kevin Miller is joined by former candidate for Lt. Governor Jim Chmelik.  They discuss the land's issue and the proposed Boulder White Cloud National Monument.  Mr. Chmelik gives Kevin his thoughts on the grassroots verses the establishment within the republican party.


Kevin Miller is joined by Idaho GOP Chairman Barry Peterson.  Barry exclusively tells Kevin why he filed a lawsuit against members of the GOP.  Kevin asks Barry about the governor.  Barry replies, 'he wants the governor involved to settle the issue.


Kevin Miller is joined by national intelligence expert Kerry Patton.  Kerry goes over the latest developments from the Ukraine.  Kevin and Kerry look at what the president should do and what will happen next.

Kerry tells Kevin what's really happening at the border.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the shooting down of the Malaysian Plane.  Kevin discloses that there is an organization called the 'beard club.'  They both comment on the Gaza fighting and the economy.