Kevin Miller speaks with Fox News Reporter Kimberly Adams from Cairo Egypt.  Kimberly details what's really happening in Egypt since the world's attention is on Russia.  Kevin Miller reintroduces the topic of campus carry.  He let's folks know about an inspirational link from Thursday's Hotlist.


Kevin Miller and Political Analyst Mike Tracy go over the upcoming primary season.  They discuss the opposition to the Campus Carry Bill.  They take a look at Simpson verses Smith and the Add the Words Campaign.


Kevin Miller examines the public reaction of educators to the gun bill.  He then takes a look at the CPAC convention and wonders who will lead the country.


Kevin Miller explains the decision by the Boise Public Library to allow Mexican Nationals to check out library books.  Kevin details the international perspective of Obama verses Putin.  Miller wonders why our gas prices have risen since we get most of our gas from Canada and Mexico.


Kevin Miller takes a look at the reaction to the House passing the Campus Carry Bill.  The bill now goes to the governor's desk.  Kevin details the front page story detailing Governor Otter appearing in a movie.



Kevin Miller and Dave discuss high school basketball and the return of former Vandal Coach Rob Akey.  They take a look at President Obama verses Vladmir Putin.