Kevin Miller interviews Canyon County Commissioner Craig Hanson.  Commissioner Hanson goes over the funding of the work release program.


Kevin Miller speaks with Dr. Joyce Malcolm from the George Mason School of Law.  She expresses her real concerns about the future of the 2nd Amendment in America.  Kevin Miller and Dr. Malcolm examine the push to allow students to carry guns on campus.


Kevin Miller reports that US Air Forces have begun bombing ISIS Artillery positions in Iraq.  He takes calls from listeners who express their views on the topic.

Kevin Miller interviews Rachel Sutherland from Fox News Radio.  Rachel provides in depth team coverage on the reaction to the president's speech last night.


Kevin Miller is joined by Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center.  They discuss the media's influence on public opinion.  Dan gives specific examples of anti-Israeli coverage from the Gaza War.


Kevin Miller interviews Tonya J Powers from Fox News Radio on two issues.  Tonya reports on the North Carolina Restaurant that recently gave up on giving a 15% discount for people who prayed in public.  Kevin and Tonya go over the results of last night's Tennessee Republican Party.

Kevin Miller takes calls on the president's announcement that he will begin airstrikes on ISIS.


Kevin Miller interviews Rich Bernardo from Wallethub.  Richie explains to Kevin Miller how Idaho Schools rank nationally based on several factors.  They discuss what schools in Idaho can to do raise state standards.


Kevin Miller and Dave go over the president's announcement last night about bombing Iraq and the humanitarian airlift.  They go over the options for the administration in the region.

Kevin Miller and Dave look at last night's NFL Games, Coach Pete's vote on the Power Five, and the future of college sports.