Kevin Miller looks at the violence in Missouri and how to handle racially explosive situations.  Kevin Miller explains the need to bring the country together.

Kevin Miller speaks with Chase Ricker about his program to fight childhood obesity called hoops for health.


Kevin Miller interviews Becky Moore, program director for the Evergreen Chapter of the ALS Association.  She gives insight into how the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge started.  Kevin shares his experience doing the challenge.


Kevin Miller interviews Kim Kane, program director Idaho Lives Program.  She tells Kevin Miller about programs in Idaho designed to prevent suicide.  She gives out the suicide prevention hotline number 1-800-272-TALK.


Kevin Miller is joined by ESPN/SEC Network Personality and best selling author Paul Finebaum.  Kevin and Paul worked together in Birmingham, Alabama.  Paul shares his stories of career and personal challenges.  He gives insight into how people outside the Treasure Valley view Boise State.


Kevin Miller looks at solutions for individuals that battle depression.  He discusses the death of Robin Williams and what we can learn from his death.

Kevin Miller discloses that the Idaho State Board of Education has passed a mandate protecting students privacy.


Kevin Miller looks at uniting the area and the country.  He compares Idaho to the rest of the country.  He compliments the Gem State as the best place to raise a family.

Kevin Miller examines the militarization of local police departments.  He takes calls from concerned listeners who worry about their security.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the distractions involving social media.  They go over ever how the attention to social is a great distraction at work and home.  Kevin Miller looks at a few movies and previews the weekend NFL Games.