Kevin Miller takes calls on a news study saying one in four Americans want to secede from the United States.  Kevin Miller invites everyone to Foothills Christian Church this Thursday at 7pm for a town hall meeting on preventing domestic violence and child abuse.


Kevin Miller interviews best selling author David Limbaugh about his new book Jesus on Trial.  Mr. Limbaugh reveals his own doubts and how his researched strengthen his faith.

Kevin Miller and Mr. Limbaugh look at the life of Christ and examine why Christians are not as vocal as other faiths.


Kevin Miller interviews Fox News Radio's Emily Wither on ISIS/ISIL.  She goes in depth on the reaction to the president's coalition announcement.  Emily reports on the reaction in Syria to the French bombing ISIS.


Kevin Miller and former Congressman Richard Stallings look at the the race for the 2nd Congressional District.  Congressman Stallings tells Kevin why he gave up having a life and is returning to politics.


Kevin Miller interviews Fox News Radio's Eben Brown who is covering the selling of the Iphone 6.  Eben reports on the new features of the Iphone 6.

Kevin Miller looks at the 'international coalition' being touted by the president.


Kevin Miller speaks with young conservative Chas Baines.  Mr. Baines reports on the millennial generation's values, concerns and goals.

Kevin Miller responds to a new study that marriage is at a ninety three year low.  Kevin urges everyone to become a role model.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the American Veterans Traveling Tribute now being displayed at Cloverdale Funeral Home.  Kevin announces a townhall meeting to prevent domestic violence at Foothills Christian Church Thursday at 7pm.

Kevin and Dave preview the weekend events in the Treasure Valley.