Kevin Miller reviews the booting of Eric Holder.  He interviews Greg about the NF Walk tomorrow morning at 10AM at Kleiner Park in Meridian.


Kevin Miller interviews Democratic Candidate for Governor AJ. Balukoff.  They look at state issues such as schools, the budget, and jobs.


Kevin Miller debates Alan L. Morton, attorney at law, about the significance of the presidential salute.  Kevin Miller looks at the UN tackling the issue of Global Warming.


Kevin Miller continues his coverage of Eric Holder resigning.  He takes calls and looks at the ISIS/ISIL bombings in Syria and Iraq.  Kevin Miller looks at a few local issues involving schools and discusses the rally to end domestic violence.


Kevin Miller continues his conversation about Eric Holder resigning.   Several folks call in to agree that Holder had to go.  Kevin looks at the comments made on the View about ISIS.


Kevin Miller is joined by Alan L. Morton, attorney at law, discussing the resignation of Eric Holder.  Alan looks at the candidates who will replace Holder.  Kevin Miller takes calls on Holder.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss last night's rally against domestic violence and child abuse.  They look at the latest controversy involving the NFL.

Kevin Miller discusses the resignation of US Attorney General Eric Holder.