Kevin Miller takes calls on the negativity of the governor's race.  Several folks call in fed up with their choices.


Kevin Miller speaks with Jim Gilchrist from the Minute Man Project.  Jim warns everyone about the ISIS threat on the border.  Kevin Miller and Jim take calls on the border security issue.


Kevin Miller shares the hour with China Gum, champion of the grassroots, and Dustin Kuck, our political correspondent.  Kevin and the panel look at the upcoming election and take calls.


Kevin Miller takes calls on the gay marriage debate in Idaho.  Kevin Miller encourages Governor Otter to continue to make the case for traditional marriage.  Kevin Miller reports on what the government is not doing to stop Ebola.


Kevin Miller interviews Bob Dane from the Federation for American Immigration Reform.  Bob reports on the challenge of defending the border.  Kevin Miller and Bob look at the cost of illegal immigration.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss last night's NFL game.  They look at the latest concerning the Ebola Virus.  Kevin Miller believes there should be a travel ban to save America from Ebola.