Kevin Miller speaks with Ken Ivory from the American Lands Council.  Kevin asks Ken about Cecil Andrus asking the feds to make a national monument out of the Boulder White Clouds area.

Kevin Miller reports on the spread of Ebola to New York City.  He looks at the American Media's reaction to the Canadian Terrorist Attack.


Kevin Miller takes calls on how to stop Ebola.  He urges the Federal Government to put in place travel bans to limit the movement of the violence.  Kevin Miller brings up the New York doctor who has Ebola.


Kevin Miller speaks with perennial Idaho Gubernatorial Candidate Pro Life.  Kevin Miller and his callers questions about jobs, education, and the economy.


Kevin Miller takes calls on the local elections and looks at the latest from Ferguson Missouri.  Several folks call in to voice their opinion.


Kevin Miller is joined by David Ripley from Idaho Chooses Life.  They look at all the local, state, and national races on the ballot.  Kevin Miller and David look at the fight to keep marriage traditional in Idaho.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the latest political ads in the Idaho's Governor's Race.  Kevin Miller plays an ad by AJ Balukoff stating that teachers are not making enough money.  They then preview the BSU/BYU game.