Kevin Miller looks at the scandal involving Harry Reid and Mike Lee.  Kevin Miller details the filing deadline to run for state office today and why it's important to participate in the election process.  Kevin Miller then looks at the ACHD proposal to eliminate car lanes so that more lanes for bikes will be created.


Kevin Miller looks at the military's proposal to allow transgender individuals to join the military.  He examines the proposed cuts to the military verses the additional costs of medical costs of trans gender surgeries.  Kevin Miller discussed the Obama Administrations new policy of giving amnesty to families of military veterans.


Kevin Miller hears from State Representative Lawrence Denney who explains the recent newspapers stories concerning the state investigating his wife.  Kevin Miller asks about how Representative Denney found out about the investigation and who was behind it.


Kevin Miller looks at the Today Show profiling Idaho and the campus carry bill.  Kevin Miller takes calls and introduces the Century link Arena Beer Controversy which also made the Today Show.


Kevin Miller speaks with Simon Owen for Fox News Radio live from London.  Simon goes over the latest in the investigation of the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight.  Kevin Miller then shares a Channel 7 story on John Bujak running for governor.


Kevin Miller examines the ACHD meeting last night concerning traffic lanes in downtown Boise.  There is a proposal that would expand bike lanes while restricting car lanes.  Kevin Miller shared the newest campaign ad from Congressman Mike Simpson.


Kevin Miller and Dave take a look at last night's BSU win over Nevada at the Mountain West Basketball Tournament.  Kevin Miller and Dave then veer with disturbing detail on the latest in reality TV.