Kevin Miller gets a live road report from Bonny Shelton of Channel 7.  She shares her experience of reporting on the roads throughout the Treasure Valley.  Kevin Miller checks in with the Idaho Department of Transportation.


Kevin Miller interviews Carter Andress about the future of Iraq.  Carter shares his four years of working in Iraq as a contractor.  Kevin Miller and Carter go over the ISIS threat and what's next for the Middle East.


Kevin Miller and Mike Tracy breakdown the results of the local and national elections.  Mike Tracy previews the upcoming legislative season.  Kevin Miller hears from the Idaho State Police on road conditions.


Kevin Miler speaks with Josh Withrow from Freedom Works in Washington DC.  Mr. Withrow discusses the Keystone Pipeline, a possible internet tax on state commerce, and what to expect from the new congress.

Kevin Miller checks in with several callers with live road reports.  He shares more safety tips from the state police.


Kevin Miller interviews Nicole Penida from ACHD.  She shares ACHD's plan for clearing the roads and bridges.  Kevin Miller and Nicole urge folks to drive slow and take their time.

Kevin Miller goes live to Theresa Baker from the Idaho State Police on the dangerous road conditions.  She goes over tips on what to do when an officer pulls over a vehicle in the snow.


Kevin Miller interviews Vernon Robinson, the campaign director for the draft Ben Carson for President Campaign.  Mr. Robinson breaks down how Mr. Carson can win.

Kevin Miller airs a report on road conditions from Channel 7's Bonnie Shelton.  He takes calls from the medical community who cannot take the day off.


Kevin Miller and Dave report on the winter weather conditions in the Treasure Valley.  The area has been hit with several inches of snow and the driving conditions are bad.  They both offer safety tips and urge folks to stay home if possible.