Kevin Miller takes calls on the president's speech last night about immigration.  The calls were very emotional on the immigration issue.

Kevin Miller interviews Jason from Nelson's RV.  He thanks Nelson's for their sponsorship and providing the RV where he is living in.

Kevin Miller, Reverend Bill, David Ferdinand and the crew sing the 'Battle Hymn of The Republic.'


Kevin Miller is joined by Rob and Aaron from Team Mazda and Team Subaru in Nampa.  Team sponsored Miller's Mission and without their support, the turkey drive wouldn't have happened.

Kevin Miller interviews two folks from the Boise Rescue Mission who share their road to salvation.


Kevin Miller speaks with Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue.  The sheriff praises the work of the Boise Rescue Mission and the Reverend Bill Roscoe.  Kevin Miller and Sheriff Donahue explain how prevention can keep the valley safer.


Kevin Miller moderates a debate between Alan L. Morton, Attorney at Law, and OH from Eagle.  They both review the president's speech from their perspective.  Kevin Miller takes calls on the topic.

Kevin Miller interviews John and Michele, who met and were married at the Boise Rescue Mission.  They detail how far they've come and their plans for the future.


Kevin Miller takes several calls on the president's immigration speech last night.  Several folks call in to lay the smack down.  Kevin Miller speaks with Nicole from the Boise Rescue Mission.  She shares her story of overcoming addiction and how she helps others who need help.


Kevin Miller speaks with Terry from the Lighthouse Rescue Mission.  Terry shares his path from law enforcement to the ministry.  He continues to talk about how God has changed him and how he's helped others locally.


Kevin Miller and Dave take a look at the president's speech last night.  Dave makes a great comparison of immigrations enforcement verses speeding laws.  They both go over what they believe congress should do in response to the speech.  Kevin continues broadcasting from the Wal Mart on Garrity and Franklin collecting turkeys for the Boise Rescue Mission.