Kevin Miller interviews Tonya J. Powers, from Fox News Radio, who reports on the move in NYC to ban Styrofoam containers.  She predicts Oregon will will the national title in football.


Kevin Miller previews the upcoming economic year with economist Bill Glynn.  Bill says that the economy will go through some 'growing pains.'  They take calls from listeners who have questions about the economic outlook.


Kevin Miller and Rachel Sutherland of Fox News Radio discuss the votes in congress on the Keystone Pipeline issue.  They detail the pros and cons of the issue.


Kevin Miller is joined by Coach Mike Moroski of the College of Idaho.  Coach reports on life inside the world of college football.  He previews Monday's national title game.


Kevin Miller breaks down Governor Otter's statements on the state of the state.  He takes calls on schools, gas tax, and the economy.


Kevin Miller interviews Ken Ivory from the American Lands Council.  Ken details the West's interest in securing their territory from the federal government.  He explains the economic impact of Idaho reacquiring its lands from Washington DC.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at Governor Otter's preview of the state of the state.  They spar over education funding.  The topic moves from education to whether gas taxes federally and locally should be raised to pay for the roads.