Kevin Miller speaks with the Washington Editor of PJ Media Bridgett Johnson.  She reveals the internal reaction to the president not attending the Paris Peace March.


Kevin Miller interviews Idaho State Representative Brent Crane over the 'Add The Words' issue.

Representative Crane previews the hearing process.  Kevin Miller takes calls on the issue.


Kevin Miller continues to take phone calls from listeners who are mad about more nuclear waste coming to Idaho.

Kevin discusses why Al Sharpton is mad at the Academy Awards.


Kevin Miller interviews Keith Ogarek about how to self publish a book.  Keith delivers proven tips on how to get your book proposal published.

Kevin Miller reports on the two former governors smacking Governor Otter.


Kevin Miller speaks with Gurnal Scott of Fox News Radio.  They discuss the last days of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

Kevin Miller previews the 7AM hour.


Kevin Miller previews the legislative year with political analyst Steve Ackerman.  They look at how the state will afford to cut taxes and pay teachers more money.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss two former governors smacking Governor Otter.  The governors are mad that more nuclear waste is coming to the Gem State.  They're calling it Yucca Mountain, Idaho.