Kevin Miller speaks with international business expert Michelle Seiler Tucker.  She reviews the amount of advertising budget that companies will spend on Super Bowl Ads.  Michelle goes over what companies should expect as a return on investment.


Kevin Miller interviews Senator Jim Risch on several topics including Bowe Bergdahl, Pastor Saeed, and the Boulder White Clouds.



Kevin Miller speaks with State Representative Brent Crane who was on the House Committee that voted on 'Add the Words.'

Representative Crane exclusively told Kevin Miller what it was like to vote on the measure.


Kevin Miller shares the feedback from yesterday's House vote.  Several folks call in stating their support for the committee's vote.

Kevin Miller looks at the reaction to the movie American Sniper.


Kevin Miller gets a live Super Bowl Report from Jeff Monosso from Fox News Radio.  Jeff goes over what it's like to be in Phoenix.  He previews Katy Perry's halftime performance.


Kevin Miller reviews yesterday's vote on 'Add the Words' that failed to pass 13-4 in the House.  He takes calls from listeners who voice their opinions.


Kevin Miller and Dave go over the predictions for this year's Super Bowl.  Kevin Miller rips Seattle Seahawks Pete Carroll for whining about the New England Patriots offensive innovations.