Kevin Miller speaks with Jerri Stanfield the executive director of Alzheimer's Idaho.  She promotes the 2015 Chili Cook Off.

Kevin Miller takes calls on Obama's comments and Brian Williams.


Kevin Miller debates the Common Core Curriculum in Idaho with Michael Brickman of the Fordham Institute.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners who want the Common Core Agenda out of Idaho.


Kevin Miller gets a report on the Ukraine from Fox News Radio's Simon Owen.  Mr. Owen gives a first hand account of Europe's move to find peace between Russia and the Ukraine.


Kevin Miller discusses the latest on Idaho's Bowe Bergdahl with Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch.  Mr. Fitton discusses the need for greater transparency from the federal government.

Kevin Miller looks at the latest concerning NBC's Brian Williams.


Kevin Miller speaks with Rachel Sutherland of Fox News Radio.  She reports on the congressional reaction to the ISIS attacks.



Kevin Miller interviews David Ripley from Idaho Chooses Life.  Mr. Ripley reviews his testimony before the Idaho House yesterday.  They discuss the pro-life movement in Idaho.

Kevin Miller reveals the controversial comments of President Obama comparing the Crusades to ISIS.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the weekend ahead.  They recommend what people should do if they're looking to get out this weekend in the Treasure Valley.

Kevin Miller reflects on Ronald Reagan's Birthday.