Kevin Miller takes calls on the Obama Video, the internet scandal, and other issues.


Kevin Miller speaks with Bob Dane from the Federation for American Immigration Reform.  Mr. Dane explains the high cost of illegal immigration in America.


Kevin Miller speaks with Jon Decker of Fox News who reports on the president's recent trips involving veterans and cyber security.


Kevin Miller speaks with Frank Muir the president and CEO of the Idaho Potato Commission.  Mr. Muir explains the reach and popularity of the Idaho Potato Industry.


Kevin Miller looks at the controversy involving President Obama's video promoting ObamaCare.  He takes calls on whether or not the military should pay for transgender surgery.


Kevin Miller interviews State Senator Curt McKenzie about the gaming machines, guns, and education issues before the legislature.

Kevin Miller looks at latest Brian Williams Story.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the continuing sage of Mike Sanford leaving Boise State for Notre Dame.  Kevin Miller looks internet crisis in Idaho Schools.