Kevin Miller continues to take calls on Net Neutrality.  Several folks call in to speak out against the new law.


Kevin Miller and Greg Pruett from the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance discuss gun legislation in Idaho.  They take calls from concerned listeners who worry about losing their rights.


Kevin Miller interviews Jared Halpern of Fox News Radio live from CPAC.  Mr. Halpern reviews the speeches of Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, and others.  He previews Jeb Bush's speech today.


Kevin Miller reports on Net Neutrality and takes calls on the issue.  He informs the audience that the FCC believes the internet is a public utility.

Kevin Miller previews season three of the Netflix series House of Cards.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the 3-2 FCC vote to begin Net Neutrality last night.  They look and talk about the ramifications of the FCC's decision.  Kevin Miller shares Rachel Maddow's take on Idaho.