Kevin Miller is joined live in studio by Professional Bull Rider Ty Pozzobon.  Ty tells Kevin Miller about life on the PBR, the Western Lifestyle, the sacrifices, the injuries, and what it takes to make a living riding a bull.


Kevin Miller is joined by Jeff Monosso of Fox News Radio concerning the South Carolina fossil/God controversy.  Kevin Miller shares and takes calls on Bob Costas comments that athletes should not be allowed to carry guns.


Kevin Miller is joined by Lori who has begun a prayer and a sign campaign to bring Bowe Bergdahl home.  She tells of her concern for his safety.. If you want a sign infinity signs near Cosco in Boise has them.


Kevin Miller is joined in studio by Idaho State GOP Chairman Barry Peterson.  Chairman Peterson breaks down the legislature, the primary, and Senator Paul's trip to Idaho.  Kevin Miller shares the comments of Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson on guns in society.


Kevin Miller is joined live from Jerusalem by Fox New Reporter Emily Wither.  She reports on the Afghan elections and the attack on Western Journalists.  Kevin Miller plays 'Kevin's Questions with listeners for Professional Bull Riders tickets.


Kevin Miller is joined by Chris Farell of Judicial Watch.  They discuss the Fort Hood shooting, Benghazi, and Obama Care.  Kevin Miller looks at the Meridian book ban.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the comments of Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson.  Masterson told Channel 7 that lawmakers did not listen to him on the campus carry bill.  Kevin Miller and Dave talked about the final four and David Letterman retiring.