Kevin Miller interviews Christy Morales who was Robert Manwill's second grade teacher.  They discuss the Art Auction and Fund Raiser to benefit the Robert Manwill Scholarship Fund.


Kevin Miller is joined by Captain Jeff Stankiewicz of the Idaho Lightfoot Militia.  They discuss the need for citizens to unite and work together.  Captain Stankiewicz discloses that he gave Governor Otter a letter and is waiting to hear back from him.  Kevin Miller asks why you need a militia when you have the national guard?


Kevin Miller speaks with Senator Russ Fulcher.  They take look at the issues involved in the gubernatorial campaign.  Jobs, guns, lands, healthcare, and other issues are discussed.


Kevin Miller is joined by Judicial Watch's Chris Farrell discussing the disclosure that the IRS was working with the DOJ to target folks for their political beliefs.  JW released internal IRS emails that looked to solicit DOJ prosecutors to criminalize Americans who are conservatives.


Kevin Miller plays the Cliven Bundy clips that are getting national attention.  Kevin Miller takes calls and asks the listeners if he should go to Nevada.  Several folks call into to voice their opinions.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss Cliven Bundy's comments and the media's reaction.  Kevin Miller shares bad experience with a credit card company.  Kevin Miller previews the Stateman's article on the GOP verses the Grassroots.