Kevin Miller debates Laura Cascada from PETA on the AG Gag Bill.  She goes over Bob Barker's personal letter to Governor Otter asking him to veto the bill.  Several folks call in to express their view on both sides of the issue.


Kevin Miller interviews Brent Olmstead from the Idaho Coalition for Immigration Reform.  They discuss the latest from Washington DC and it's impact on Idaho.  Kevin shares a CNN clip where an anchor is attacking the Catholic Church.


Kevin Miller reacts to the coalition against carrying guns on campus.  He looks at Bob Barker's letter to Governor Otter.  He takes calls on both issues.  He previews a story of a San Francisco School banning students from wearing American Flag TV shirts.


Kevin Miller looks at the comments by constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley.  Dr. Turley testified to Congress this week that the president has exceeded his constitutional authority.  Kevin details a school where the wearing the American Flag has been banned.


Kevin Miller interviews Dan Gainor from the Media Research Center.  They preview the Oscars and the cultural impact of TV shows and movies.  Topics include Dallas Buyer's Club, Sister Wives, and Beyonce.


Kevin Miller and Dave talk about foreign trade.  Well, more like the shipping of salmon to China for de-boning and then back to Seattle to be sold in America.  They look at the protesters from the 'Add the Words' campaign.  Kevin goes over the Oscars and the new Jeff Gordon video.

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