Kevin Miller comments on Holder/Ferguson and two governors threatening to sue the state and the feds.   He takes calls on both issues.


Kevin Miller speaks with terrorism expert John Guandolo.  He tells Kevin Miller that ISIS has sleeper cells in America.  Kevin Miller takes calls on the topic.


Kevin Miller takes calls on the arrest of twenty gay activist at the state capitol.  They were part of the 'add the words' campaign.


Kevin Miller is joined in studio by Julie Lynde and Rep. Janet Trujillo discussing the parental rights legislation.  They go over what to expect during this legislative season.

Kevin Miller takes calls on airline safety.


Kevin Miller speaks with Rachel Sutherland from Fox News Radio.  She details teh latest developments in the Clinton Email Controversy.

Kevin Miller shares the latest concerning Harrison Ford's plane crash.


Kevin Miller interviews Greg Pruett about the upcoming gun legislation before the Idaho House.

Kevin Miller reports that two former governors are threatening to sue the feds over dumping nuclear waste in Idaho.


Kevin Miller speaks with Dave about last night's high school basketball games.  They go over the latest concerning Hillary Clinton's email controversy.  Kevin Miller reminds everyone that he'll be broadcasting from Bishop Kelly Monday.