Good afternoon true believers, it's Kevin Miller Hotlist time again.  The diligent Hotlist elves have compiled a wide variety of stories that you may or may not be talking about.  The list starts with leadership lessons from Navy Seals to breastfeeding on Delta Airlines to the A10 Warthog.   Judge for yourself whether or not you find the eclectic collection of stories compelling.

The A10 has been a stable of dependability and protection for US Forces for years.  So why would we want to give it the boot?  The Christian Science Monitor details both sides of the debate.

We've read about them and rely on Navy Seals to do the impossible.  Does being a Seal make you more productive at work?  Fast Company explains 7 Leadership Lessons to help you make a difference in the office.

Delta Airlines is in hot water over their breastfeeding policy on planes.  One local mom went public and now Delta is backpedaling.  If only they would rethink their prices when it comes to charging for baggage.  Here's the story from FOX13.

Speaking of Delta, it's all about the money, not miles when collecting those frequent flier benefits.  Yahoo News examines the change in compensation.

The new Godzilla Trailer is trending world wide.  Bryan Cranston warns of big trouble, according to the LA Times.

Going on a daily walk pays off for this California couple identified as only John and Mary.  They found the largest treasure found in the United States valued at over 10 million dollars, according to the LA Times.

If only Nikola Tesla were alive today to see the car company that bears his name.  Consumer Reports names Tesla or TSLA Model S the car of the year and everyone wants one.  Then again, it's over 80,000 dollars.  Fox News has the skinny on all the latest car/truck rankings.

It's not a good idea to use a drill to steal gas from someones car.  Two men admit to police that's what happened and that's why they got burned, according to The Oregonian.

A skateboarder gets 5 years in jail for using his skateboard to smash the head of a 70 year old man, according The Oregonian.

Joe Biden, appearing on The View, tells single women to quit their dead end jobs because of Obama Care says CNS News.