The weekend is here and let's keep our eye on the world events that continue as we tailgate and embrace the first weekend of Fall.  Tragic events dominate the Kevin Miller hotlist as we cover the Oklahoma beheading, the ISIS/ISIL bombings, and the US Embassy in Yemen is attacked.  Let's get to the details now.

Moore, Oklahoma has been hit with Tornadoes and has recovered.  Here's the local coverage of a man beheading his coworker from KFOR.

Is it me, or does it seem like the world has no problem attacking American under President Obama?  I miss President Bush, anyway our embassy in Yemen has been attacked.  The details from Yahoo.

A new report says the Oklahoma be header was linked to Al Qaeda says Breitbart.

How will the White House and Congress respond to a new report stating one in four Americans, ages twenty five to fifty four, are not working from the Weekly Standard.

Let's see Harry Potter has his invisibility cloak, Sue Richards is the invisible woman and how many movies and books have been written about the invisible man?  A scientist has discovered a way make people and objects disappear for rule says Yahoo.

Can your boss ban you from owning an Iphone?  LA Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer has banned his players from using Apple products.  Does the first amendment cover your data plan?  Can he do it legally?  The answers from The Daily Mail.

Here's a list of new cars to avoid from JD Power and Yahoo.

The city of Boise says attempting to commit suicide should not be against the law reports the Idaho Statesman.

Does faith and football go hand in hand?  Not so in Arizona, according to CNS News.

Five races will now determine who will control the senate says The Washington Post.