So much for Summer and here comes Fall.  Coming up on today's Kevin Miller Hotlist, we look at reaction to the Oklahoma beheading, the Secret Service drops the ball again, Bryan Harsin's big decision, and other issues that are trending.  Let's get started.

Is the White House secure?  A new report says the fence jumper got farther into the White House than previously reported says the Washington Post.

Can the Secret Service really protect the president asks the Telegraph?

Boise State Football Coach Bryan Harsin says Grant Hedrik is his starting quarterback from 630thefan.

MSNBC calls the Oklahoma beheading a case of workplace violence from 580KIDO.

Surprise! America is now the number one producer of petroleum says the Financial Times.  So why are our gas prices at record levels?

Robots use to be the work of science fiction.  Today fiction is becoming a reality as robots will soon be teaching students at a library near you reports the Wall Street Journal.

The president says there will be no boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria.  The Speaker of the House say we may not have a choice but to put boots on the ground reports CNS News.

Boise is the West's best kept secret according to Conde' Naste Magazine.

Hillary Clinton says the illegal immigrant children must be sent home says the Washington Times.

Here's the list of the richest Americans from Forbes via Yahoo.