An uber eclectic selection of stories ranging from Ebola hitting America, to the Secret Service dropping the ball, to the FCC looking to ban the name Washington Redskins.  The Kevin Miller Hotlist starts now.

It's official Ebola is now in America writes CBSDallas.

The Secret Service tries to explain how they endangered the life of the president by dropping the ball says the Associated Press.

Fox News is number one in cable even beating ESPN reports the Hollywood Reporter.

The Feds have placed the influx of illegals in every state from the Associated Press.

The beheading suspect Alton Nolen is now charged with murder reports CBSHouston.

ABC World News beats NBC for the first time in seven years says ABC.

A New Jersey man is accused of shooting down his neighbor's drone from CBSPhilly.

It's official, California officially bans plastic bags reports Yahoo.

President Obama skips a majority of his intelligence reports says Breitbart.

The FCC will soon decide whether or not to ban the Washington Redskins name from the National Journal.