Ignorance of the news is no excuse for not being involved in self governance.  That's a Kevin Miller Hotlist original.  Rest assured, we've designed today's easy to read hotlist to get you up to date while tailgating or performing other weekend activities.  Let's get started.

It's official the CDC tells the world we cannot shut down the border.  Didn't we have secure and closed borders in the 1900s?  Here's the details from Politico.

ISIS has beheaded another innocent civilian.  These stories are too horific to believe and underscore the evil we're up against.  The latest from gateway pundit.

Freedom Watch founder Larry Klayman has filed a legitimate lawsuit to deport President Obama reports World Net Daily.

Parents across the country are continuing to revolt over the first lady's school lunch program says EAGnews.

AJ attacks Butch while Bujak and Pro Life watch.  Here's the background of today's gubernatorial debate from the Spokesman Review.

Melissa Rivers will sue the doctor who performed the surgery on her mother Joan says CBSNEWYORK.

Scientist believe they have now uncovered the history of the HIV Virus reports the Independent.

Mitt Romney tells President Obama that he needs to apologize to the America writes CBSDC.

Ten supplements that actually work from Yahoo.

Robert Downey Jr. has a special wish for Iron Man 4.