Ebola continues to be a concern of most folks worldwide.  What are we doing to stop it?  Plus the latest on ISIS, a new superhero, and other stories of note in today's Kevin Miller Hotlist.

Who is Edward Snowden?  A traitor?  A hero?  He's now a movie star reports showbiz411.  Here's the trailer from Variety.

Another American has contracted Ebola.  Reports indicate that he was wearing his protective suit.  Here's the background from dallasnews.

Dick Morris say Hillary Clinton has put out a 'hit' on President Obama.  Morris goes in depth from the business insider.

ISIS hates reporters and has no problems killing them in horrific ways.  Reporters now admit they cannot cover the news because of the ISIS threat says Yahoo.

The president has attacked ISIS and that strategy is not working the Independent.

A very strange and tragic death in Northern Idaho reports the Missoulian.

Netflix invests in Daredevil says cinemablend.

The nation is being ruled by judicial dictators says Patrick Joseph Buchanan from CNS News.

A Saudi Prince vows he will save Euro Disney reports the telegraph.

The Mexican Government has been paying to protect illegals from being deported by our government says Breitbart.