It's been less than a week and the Bergdahl story continues to evolve.  Who knew that the president can ignore the law and get away with it.  That Bob Bergdahl is a Muslim?  Well we don't know that, but that hasn't stopped the press from running with any story about Bowe.  What is the real story?  Why the rush to judgement?  Those answers will come in time but until then, it's a Bowe Bergdahl Kevin Miller Hotlist.

Had President Obama forgotten the balance of powers?  The move to trade Bergdahl for the Taliban 5 could be interpreted as the president telling congress you're not the boss of me.   Has the president gone rogue?  George Will gives his take here.

To pass the time with the Taliban, Bowe declared Jihad and became a Muslim.  How did that work out for him or us?  The details of what happened to Bowe from Fox News.

The Taliban is now giving details on finding and capturing Bergdahl.  Apparently Bowe was not a happy guy according to NBC News.

Should the president apologize for not consulting congress on the prisoner swap?  He says no reports The Daily Mail.

Is President Obama the new Richard Nixon?  It seems the president continues to get his way whether it's the IRS, NSA, Fast and Furious, and now the prisoner swap.  Too bad tricky Dick has those tapes that brought him down.  Can anyone derail the president ponders The American Thinker.

The blueprint for Bowe's way back to American society provided by the Washington Post.

It looks like this was not the first time Bowe walked away according to the NY Times.  If that's true, shouldn't someone be held accountable for placing him in Afghanistan?

The Taliban celebrates their victory.  America has acknowledged their existence and now they're ready to kidnap more Americans say Time.

The president will be impeached if he does another prisoner swap without informing Congress says Senator Lindsay Graham to The Hill.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel gets ready to get grilled next week by Congress.  A complete preview of the smackdown provided by the Washington Times.