Sure the iPad is not as dominate as it once was.  Sure Apple continues to battle Samsung in court over allegations of stealing technology.  However, it was a big day for Apple and let's face it, a win is a win, is a win.  Apple exceeds the market expectations and wins the title of today's Kevin Miller Hotlist.

Apple beats the market and wins to fight another day says BusinessWeek.

US troops arrive in Poland for 'exercises' according to Fox News.

Harry Reid says 'something' is going to happen to Cliven Bundy reports CBSLasVegas.

It's not looking good for our nation's power grid from The Daily Caller.

Deadlines mean nothing to the Obama Administration details The Washington Free Beacon.

The gun grabbers are on the run in Colorado says The Washington Times.

Georgia will now allow guns at airports, bars, and other places reports The Christian Science Monitor.

Time travel is here figuratively, if not literally, thanks to Google says The Christian Science Monitor.

The movie Heaven is for Real is a box office success.  Some Christians question the movies message reports The Christian Post.

Did you know there are only five NFL teams that do not have a cheerleading squad?  The Buffalo Bills could become team number six if a group of former Bills Cheerleaders succeed with their lawsuit says ABC News.

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