I want my Direct TV, no it's I want my MTV.  Not anymore, as AT&T buys Direct TV for almost 50 billion dollars.  How big is too big?  What will the proposed merger mean to Direct TV workers here and across the country?  Those answers and the latest on the Veteran's Administration scandal are next in today's Kevin Miller Hotlist.

You've heard the pitch before on bundling your computer, phone, and TV together?  Is AT&T's buying of Direct TV good for you?  The details and possible fallout are covered by CNN.

There's a scandal brewing involving the VA not providing safe and adequate care for veterans.  Some say it's big enough to take down the Obama Administration.  Let's hope we do take care of our veterans.  The latest provided by the Financial Times.

Is Mitt Romney the godfather of gay marriage?  It's true writes our friend Bryan Fischer in afa.net.

Here is a scary report concerning unsafe dog treats from China.  Is this a pattern and how to tell whether or not your dog food is safe from myfoxNY.

Speaking of China, America is now charging China with spying?  Really?  What took so long and why now?  The allegations and ramifications are spelled out by NBCNews.

Advocates of amnesty say the US needs more high tech workers.  America does not provide enough high tech workers for industry.  So says the talking points from Congress.  Now we find out that guest workers have limited rights and that's wrong reports Breitbart.

Michael Jackson returns...er Michael Jackson's hologram returns with a new hit at last night's Billboard Music Awards.  The winners and losers provided by the LATimes.

Here are the details of the Feds' new attempt to limit your right to keep and bear arms.  The gun dealers are now being put in the cross hairs reports the Washington Times.

A really nice story about who won The Amazing Race.  Spoiler alert on the link from our friends at the Salt Lake Tribune.

This just in, a report from the Washington Times states the president knew about the inaccurate waiting times.