Captain America 2 has hit theaters and the Kevin Miller Hotlist is pumped and ready to go.  Let's face it, we need a movie that will inspire us. (Okay I might be getting carried away, but a welcomed distraction from the events of last week..)  Game of Thrones is back on HBO and promises once again to be buzzworthy Monday morning.  Not to be outdone by entertainment, the Kevin Miller Hotlist does have some meaty news items designed to get you talking or perhaps trending in the right direction.

It's official it's out and making money.  How good is Captain America 2 and what about the Black Widow?  Here's the skinny from Fox News.

Remember when Bob Costas was a sportscaster?  I know that was a long time ago before the botox and who knows what else?  Costas believes athletes should not be allowed to own or carry guns.  He gives his reasons to Seth Meyers on You Tube.

We're a less than a month away from the return of 24 and Jack Bauer.  Will the series have the same magic or will it be neutered and politically correct?  Team coverage provided by Entertainment Weekly.

How much does it cost President Obama to stay one night in a Brussels Hotel?  How about 1.5 million reports the Weekly Standard.  I hope that price included snacks and movies.

Have no fear.  The world's scientist say all is well and Yellowstone will not erupt.  Do you believe them?  Here's their take on what's really happening at Yellowstone courtesy of the Chicago Tribune.

Does anyone get deported anymore?  Deportations are a relic of the past says the LA Times.

Peggy Noonan writes just how big a disaster Obama Care is in today's Wall Street Journal.

What is the culture of GM?  The country bails them out and they cannot be forthcoming about problems with the Chevy Cobalt?  After two days of hearings, the Wall Street Journal looks underneath GM's hood.

What happens when a mom speaks out against Common Core?  She get suspended from school reports

This just in, according to the directors of Captain America 2, the movie is about Obama's Kill List says liberal Mother Jones Magazine.