Only in American, one minute Cliven Bundy is a hero of Western Conservatives and the next minute he's a racist denounced by national conservatives.  Mr. Bundy made the mistake of making some unfortunate comments that were picked up by a New York Times reporter and bam... he's the next Phil Robertson.  We have the Bundy story next as the Kevin Miller Hotlist starts now.

Cliven Bundy has made some racially insensitive statements and the New York Times has the story.

Benghazi, the Middle east meltdown, Libya, and other tragedies happened during Hillary Clinton's watch as secretary of state.  So what did she accomplish that was good?  The Christian Science Monitor attempts to find the win for the former first lady.

How did Harry Reid make all his money?  Was he born with a silver spoon to match the foot in his mouth?  Real Clear Politics takes a look at how Harry made his money while working in the senate.

The NRA wants a national conceal carry law says Yahoo News.

A indescribable story of out Oregon provided by lifesitenews.

John Stewart and Sean Hannity are fighting and Politco has the details.

Shark Tank's Mark Cuban provides his secrets to success from Yahoo News.

A must read piece for any patriot from Bill Gertz in Commentary.

Finally Jack is back and we have 44 pictures to share thanks to Yahoo.

Steve Wynn insults Obama.  George Clooney flips out.  Wynn says Clooney had too much to drink.  Clooney says Wynn crossed the line.  The details from reviewjournal.