The Kevin Miller Hotlist is off and running with the latest wackiness from Washington, Idaho, and the rest of the trending world.  We cover one America, that's right America, political party stating that communism works.  Where's Yuri Andropov and Boris Yeltsin when you need them?

Never mind the demise of the Soviet Union, the struggle of communist dictatorships around the world, one democratic congressman in Florida says communism works reports the Daily Caller.

They lived their dream playing football professionally in the NFL.  Now a group of former players say that teams mislead them and  were forced to take drugs to play every Sunday.  Couldn't they have said no?  Well now they're suing for big money according to Fusion.

The president finally addresses the growing VA Scandal.  Sadly it's years too late.  What's more troubling is that the president is quick to comment on irrelevant matters to his office like Donald Sterling and Michael Sam, when the nation's veteran's are dying because of inadequate care.  Here's what the president said from CNS News.

There's trouble in the Magic Kingdom and where not talking about Mickey, Donald, or Goofy reports the Hollywood Reporter.

If you break the law should your party affiliation impact your sentencing?  It's good to be a democrat if you plead guilty, but not so good if you're a republican details the Federalist.

As predicted yesterday, the president makes another land grab.  Speaker Boehner is not happy according to

CNN's Jeff Zucker says he will not cover Benghazi reports the Daily Caller.

Another preview of the Batman verses Superman Movie that is set to open May 16, 2016 from the verge.

Kevin Miller's take on what happened and what's next for Governor Otter and Senator Fulcher from

There's another Xmen movie premiering Friday.  Let's see, we've had Captain America, Spiderman, and Godzilla movies and we're still in the month of May.  Why so many superhero movies?  The scripts are taken directly from old comic books so there's no original thought.  Here's a preview from Entertainment Weekly.