Can a television series exceed the move that preceded it?  Who could forget the movie Fargo?  Now that movie is a series on FX.  We're not just covering entertainment, we've got the latest on the BLM verses the Bundy Ranch, the return of the Soviet Union, and much more.  So let's get started.

Can a major buzz worthy movie be revived years later as a TV series on cable TV?  Fargo with Billy Bob Thornton.  The show looks like a hit according to The Telegraph.

The battle over books and the hearts and minds continues in Meridian says the Idaho Statesman.

It is not looking good for the IRS and Lois Lerner.  New details are emerging from recently released emails showing the IRS and the Obama Department of Justice coordinating their efforts in targeting Tea Party groups.  No word on any comment from the crime fighting attorney general Eric Holder.  The coverage continues from The Daily Caller.

The band (Soviet Union) is getting back together again reports The Financial Times.

The FBI is investigating the IRS..(just kidding)... Let's try again, the FBI is investigating Americans who visit gun shops and talk about big government says Infowars.

The IRS, can't resist, is planning to jail conservatives according to WND.

There are many days I wonder about the Duke Lacrosse Case.  It was a miscarriage of justice and the media failed to look at the facts objectively.  I provided coverage locally and nationally at the time and to this day I wish somebody could have stopped the wrongful prosecution of the three lacrosse players.  A new book provides little new evidence say Stuart Taylor in The New Republic.

A congressman introduces legislation that will withhold Eric Holder's salary, says CNS News.

Glenn Beck is now going into the movies...No not starring in movie, making movies!  What's next for the multi talented host?  The Hollywood Reporter has Glenn's plan for world domination.

Are you feeling lucky?  We have some good news from the IRS.  You're chances of getting audited are the lowest in years reports the Seattle Times.