How many of us could imagine what life was like without the internet?   In only 25 years it has transformed the world we live in much like machines did during the industrial revolution.

We've gone from PCs, to laptops, to tablets, to phones, to who knows what's next.  So with a tip of the Kevin Miller Hotlist to technology, we begin to our daily dose of content, entertainment, and adventure.

Soon to be a national story.  Domenic Gelsomino declares his candidacy for Idaho state representative and that he's gay.  Read the story and hear the interview with Kevin Miller.

Was it a fair shake or politics that led to another investigation of Donna Denney?  The former speaker says it was political orchestrated by the governor.  Governor Otter denies it says Dan Popkey in the Statesman.

Everyone wins when it comes to education except Kuna.  Here's a rundown of last night's levy votes from Channel 7.

Speaking err reading of Kuna, the district tells the Statesman it plans to make significant cuts as a result of last night's vote.

The president moves from raising the minimum wage to rewriting the rules governing overtime.  This will improve the standard of living of most workers says politico.  How about bringing back American jobs from abroad?

When the pastor speaks, the congregation listens.  The Blaze profiles one pastor's sermon that has millions of folks listening.

Sammy Hagar, the man who gave us that great classic 'I can't drive 55', would be proud.  The bill to raise Idaho's speed limit to 80mph is now on the governor's desk says Channel 7.

First a judge ruled kids in California cannot wear shirts with American flags on them.  Now a kid is suspended for wearing an NRA T shirt.  Is this America?  Where is the 1st Amendment?  WGRZ in Grand Rapids has the details.

The enrollment numbers for Obama Care are out and it's not looking good for the administration.  Or for that matter, the country and its citizens.  Kathleen Sebelius says not to worry according to CNS News.

An Oscar and an Emmy?  Has one actor ever won both in the same year?  This could be the year for Matthew McConaughey says Yahoo TV.