The senate majority leader sounds off on the cattle controversy in his home state and the Kevin Miller Hotlist has the details. Plus the most eclectic mix of local, state, and national stories that are trending worldwide.  Or at least in the Treasure Valley.  To quote the Black Eyed Peas, 'Let's get started.'

Harry Reid is a powerful man.  He's a national figure in democratic politics and the senate majority leader.  When he speaks, people listen, and he says the BLM/Bundy Ranch issue is not over according to mynews4.

Contact lenses that serve as cameras?  There's only one company that could transform such an idea into reality.  That company is Google says The Telegraph.

One school has decided that there are too many white people on campus.  This university, in the West, is looking into ways to limit the amount of white people on campus.  The inside story is provided by

There is a major scandal brewing involving the IRS.  The big three networks have chosen to ignore the story.  Find out why from the folks at

Did you know that police in parts of the country are using automatic license readers to photograph your car?  Can they do that without a warrant?  Why would the police want to track your movements if you're not a criminal.  The troubling details are provided by

There is a city in the West, no not the American West, that now allows people to appear in the nude.  The inside skinny on where clothing is optional courtesy of Forbes.

How involved is Harry Reid in the BLM/Bundy Ranch standoff?  Is he working with the Chinese?  Here are seven answers to seven questions from The Blaze.

The Democrats are working to rig the next presidential election according to Dick Morris from Newsmax.

Could the recent huge influx of legal and illegal immigrants transform America from conservative to liberal?  Or at least from red to blue?  The answer is here from The Daily Caller.

Finally today is tax day.  If you're rich, you owe says The Hill.