Would you trust this man?  Apparently they're not a lot of people in Congress that do either.  We have the latest on the IRS verses the people, plus should Garden City approve a smoking ban?  Here's the latest local, state, and national trending stories courtesy of the Kevin Miller Hotlist.

So much for freedom to smoke in Garden City.  What's next and why now from Channel 7.

Kevin Miller explains why Congressman Labrador should back embattled GOP State Chairman Barry Peterson in the Statesman.

The crisis on the border continues to expand.  First there was a concern about diseases spreading into America.  Now officials are worried about the lack of underwear worn by the invaders says CBSHouston.

Ryan Seacrest is everywhere.  He's not leaving American Idol.  If he did leave, where would he go?  No worries Seacrest will now be on all four major networks reports the Hollywood Reporter.

And now a series of must see videos that the major networks will not show you.

Representative Trey Gowdy asks the IRS Commissioner John Koskinen how is he certain that they're were no criminal acts taking place in the disappearance of the Lois Lerner emails from Real Clear Politics.

Not to be outdone, Representative Daryl Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, says that the IRS Commissioner has a problem being forthcoming courtesy of the Daily Mail.

Congressman Jim Jordan wants to know why the IRS Commissioner did not tell Congress about the missing emails sooner from Real Clear Politics.

Actor Gary Oldman rips Hollywood for their liberal double standard from Variety.

Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson says it's time to vote all the incumbents out because their ungodly reports CBS Atlanta.

How powerful is Facebook?  Apparently a burglar was so enthralled with his profile he had to log in while breaking into a home.  Unfortunately for him, he forgot to log out and was arrested from CBS Minnesota.