Luis Suarez bites another player during a match and wipes out the IRS story.  Shocking that the media drives everyone to that story, while ignoring the IRS Scandal and the destruction of Iraq.  Not to fear, the Kevin Miller Hotlist is covering the stories that matter to you.

A victory for privacy that has seem to have been lost lately.  The Supreme Court says you must have a warrant to monitor your cell phone says The Washington Times.

Iraq is not looking good.  We repeat Iraq is not looking good.  It looks like the bad guys are moving from Afghanistan to Iraq reports The Washington Times.

Liberal MSNBC is now defending the IRS by stating they're are no victims.  The objective Chuck Todd begins the defense of the IRS according to Newsbusters.

The economy did not grow in the first quarter.  In fact, it shrunk 2.9% says CNBC.

Diane Sawyer is leaving ABC's news program at night.  No word on why, however the Hollywood Reporter has named her replacement.

Luis Suarez bites a player during a game errr Soccer match.  The world cannot stop talking about it.  Why and what's the big deal from ESPN.

A three year old Mississippi girl was allegedly kicked out of Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC.  Now people are saying the story was a hoax.  What's the real skinny?  Our friends from the Chicago Tribune have the details.

Pat Buchanan was right.  Why is that news?  Here are the details from the Daily Caller.

What happens when you call out Glenn Beck on the air?  Glenn Beck responds and you won't want to miss it from The Blaze.

The millennials are destroying several industries because they don't like them from Yahoo.