He's the star of ABC's Shark Tank, a billionaire, and the owner of the Dallas Mavericks.  He's now in hot water because of what he said about race. It doesn't look good for Cuban. Find out why in today's Kevin Miller Hotlist.

Mark Cuban was being honest about race in America.  Perhaps too honest in today's PC world.  What did Cuban say and did he cross a line?  The interview was with INC.

Phil Robertson is back in the news and making news.  Robertson defended his comments at a recent church service according to CBS Houston.

The Benghazi email revelations continue as Representative Darrel Issa charges that the White House contacted You Tube during the attacks on the US Embassy reports ABC News.

Harry Reid predicts the president may have to act alone on immigration?  Can he do that without Congress passing a bill?  Reid begins to clear the way for Obama writes Politico.

The president is not having a good week.  A possible trade war with Russia, the Ukraine, the VA Scandal, among other challengers.  How does he deal with it all?  The president has found refuge in sports say Bloomberg.

The military is in big trouble due to massive budget cuts that will impact our national security reports politico.

The republican party establishment had some big wins last Tuesday night.  If the GOP wins in 2014, does that mean the party could lose it all in 2016?  The changing whims of the electorate are detailed in politico.

HP looks to make another personnel cut due to a bad 2nd quarter writes USA Today.

The TSA is looking to buy ammunition, lots of ammunition says infowars.

The primary is over and now Governor Otter must heal the republican party if he hopes to win in November reports the Idahostatesman.