Hindsight is always twenty twenty in life and politics.  How many folks who are unemployed or who are paying higher prices for their healthcare would like a do over vote?  Well that's not going to happen, but Mitt Romney was right about a lot of things and that's why he earns the title of today's hotlist.

Mitt Romney writes about the lack of leadership from the Obama Administration in today's Wall Street Journal.  I guess they'll be no more invitations to the White House for the Romney's.

A woman stabbed her husband because he watched too much NASCAR according to WJHL Television.

Putin laughs at Obama.  Is this anyway to conduct foreign policy between two Super Powers?  Sanction me?  No Sanction you!  Says ABC News.

The University of North Carolina is a basketball and academic powerhouse.  However a huge scandal involving fake grades could hurt the university says Bloomberg Business Week.

Scott Brown is back.. Sort of... Who is Scott Brown?  The NY Times Magazine has a unique profile of the former Massachusetts Senator.

Pat Buchanan tries to figure out if Putin is a nut says CNS News.

The democrats money men are ready to spend money if that's what it takes to keep control of congress says Politico.

This is big news.  A major carrier has announced plans for a new nonstop from Boise to Los Angeles say Channel 7.

Ever wonder how far your money goes at grocery stores in the Treasure Valley?  The Statesman breaks down everything from the costs eggs to peanut butter and everything in between.

Wal Mart owns the universe and now wants your used video says Time Magazine.