It's that time of year again.  Forget the budget, healthcare, Putin and jobs.  It's time for President Obama's picks for the NCAA Final Four.  Sad that the president is more concerned about basketball games than dealing with the big issues at hand.  Thankfully we have the Kevin Miller Hotlist that will attempt to keep you informed and entertained.

The president, for the 6th year in a row, has become the picker in chief.  Forget national and international affairs, it's all about hoops says ESPN.

Finally some details on the new Star Wars movie that begins production this year.  Find out what character from the past movies will appear in the new film from CNS News.

Forget the Cake Boss, the white house chef resigns because he doesn't want to vilify cream, butter, and eggs.  The Daily Caller breaks down the culinary controversy.

Lawrence Wasden wants big retailers to give tobacco the boot.  No more dip, chew, cigars, or cigarettes in Idaho if they listen to him.  I guess he doesn't want the smokers vote.  The proposal and fallout are covered by Channel 7.

A very funny video of 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh challenging a walrus to a push up contest.  No word on whether Pete Carrol will look to top the Niners coach.  We hope this short video makes you laugh from You Tube.

Avengers Assemble, say Entertainment Weekly.  Marvel unveils new details about Captain America, The Guardians of the Galaxy, and what's next for the Marvel Universe.

Forget the legal system when the feds want your guns.  Fox5 San Diego reports of a gun raid despite an injunction prohibiting such action.

The NSA is watching and watching.  Who has the time, temperament, and attentional to detail in our ADD world to spy on anyone?  Can the NSA really go back in time to retrieve old phone calls?  Here's the latest revelation from the Washington Post.

So the F-35 is the most advanced super secret fighter plane ever.  So why do the Chinese have some of our secrets already available in their new super secret plane?  Bill Gertz from the Washington Free Beacon has the details.

Who needs Jeb Clampett or the Beverly Hillbillies?  Is there oil in Canyon County?  We could see a lot more drilling says Channel 7.