Today the Kevin Miller Hotlist honors a real American Hero, Pat Tillman, who ten years ago today was killed in Afghanistan.  Who in their right mind would give up a lucrative career in the NFL to fight for their country?  Many people have been called patriots, but Pat Tillman was a patriot.  He will never be forgotten.

Speaking of Pat Tillman, what life lesson did his sacrifice teach us?  The folks at ABC News have compiled a list of lessons that Tillman lived and that we can all learn from.

Can you imagine life without TV?   It's already happening for most young people who prefer to watch videos on phones or tablets.  The future of television is being debated by the Supreme Court says CNN.

You know the old saying, 'don't mess with Texas.'  Now the state of Texas is telling the BLM to take a hike as they try another land grab reports Breitbart.

It looks like Jeb Bush is pushing John McCain for the title of Captain Amnesty.  Bush, a likely GOP presidential candidate, told a group in Arizona that amnesty is good according to Breitbart.

Happy Earth Day everyone from President and Mrs. Obama.  Ahhh Earth Day, a time when we look to get rid of all those gas guzzling cars and trucks.  Thankfully the president is free to burn 35,000 gallons of gasoline today reports DailyMail.

Shocking the Department of Homeland Security is looking to buy over 25 million shotgun rounds says infowars.

Here's why David Gregory is failing at Meet the Press from The Daily Beast.

Ten years later we still do not know how Pat Tillman died.  There are new revelations and feelings of guilt made public by ESPN.

My friend Gary Aldrich wrote a best seller tell all about the Clintons and founded the conservative Patrick Henry Center.  Now the center is under attack from the IRS reports The Washington Times.

Nothing says double standard than IRS agents who didn't pay their taxes receiving million dollar bonuses from The Washington Free Beacon.